There are so many amazing locations for boating enthusiasts to travel to in America. From the west coast to the east coast there are plenty of incredible areas to anchor. From bustling ports alive with inner-city nightlife to quiet serene locales, America has it all. Here are 9 of the best boating destinations in the U.S:

Chicago, Illinois

Located at the southwest end of Lake Michigan is Chicago, a prime destination for those traveling by boat. In Chicago, you can experience everything that comes with a cultural epicenter. You could catch a Bears game or hit the town for a great selection of restaurants and bars.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard is located just off the Massachusetts mainland in Cape Cod. The area has become a hotspot for the rich and famous with many celebrities and politicians choosing Martha’s Vineyard for their holidays. For those looking for lush, green open spaces and picturesque views, this is the destination for you.

Greenport, New York

Greenport is a historical maritime village that was an important center for trade back in the day. Today the area focuses more on the tourism industry and provides an excellent alternative to the high city life of New York City. There are plenty of things to do at Greenport with plenty of B&B’s, entertainment, and museums to visit.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

For boaters who are looking for a more lively nightlife experience, you need not look any further than Atlantic City. Known for its fine dining, casinos, and the boardwalk, there is plenty of things to do here. In fact, one of Atlantics City’s marinas is a luxury hotel and casino, so you can step off the boat and straight to the slots.

Miami, Florida

Miami is a wonderful destination for boaters and has plenty of marinas to choose from. The area is known to attract yachts but also caters to boats of all sizes. Miami has beautiful beaches to visit, bustling nightlife, and diverse culture for you to experience.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a popular west coast destination thanks to its variety of attractions on offer. There are plenty of things to do including shopping, nightlife, and museums. If you head to the area during July and August then you can catch the Seafair events the city hosts.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a city full to the brim with culture and it’s an excellent destination for those that want to experience it. The city is known for its music so should try and visit some of the bars with live music on offer. New Orleans has everything you could need as you pull into the marinas and check out what the city has to offer.

San Diego, California

San Diego has the perfect boating weather all year round so it’s a great destination at any time. You can check the pristine beaches and try your hand at surfing. The city is celebrated for its craft beer and don’t forget to check out the San Diego Zoo.

Portland, Maine

Portland is a rare gem, it’s a bustling town with a large population but has managed to retain a small-town feel. The Portland Harbour welcomes a variety of fishing boats, cruise ships, and cargo vessels. Head over to the variety of hiking trails and go camping in the countryside to really experience Portland.