Teledyne is connecting maritime industry sensor technology and rapidly building smart analytical networks

Instrumentation and Digital Imaging

Teledyne (Nasdaq: TDY) has an exciting impact on the marine industry with large presence in the instrumentation and digital imaging. After it’s recent acquisition of Flir, the technology conglomerate has it’s sights set on growing it’s digital imaging footprint as demand grows for thermal imaging, smart camera applications, and image sensing hardware solutions.

Teledyne e2V technologies, Scientific Images of Roper Technologies, Micralyne, and Dalsa corporation have all been acquired along with Flir to provide unique technological capabilities to produce customized sensor solutions. This specialized combination of technology is producing a moat among their customer base due to product sophistication and support.

Oceanography instrumentation offers control and monitoring systems for marine environmental applications that include ocean floor mapping, 3-D multibeam and scanning sonar, and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV’s). PDS software solutions are making it easy for the industry to produce industry standard data with turnkey data solution packages. The Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP products) are providing the industry with precision measurements for the estuary, coastal, and off-shore divisions within the industry.

Digital Imaging is poised for aggressive growth. The digital imaging segment is projected to grow as much as 11% through 2025. The need for advanced smart cameras programmed to perform specific tasking, x-ray services, and vision applications will serve the marine industry well. Also advances in LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology will help advance terrestrial mapping.

Teledyne’s strategic acquisitions in the instrumentation and imaging fields are forcing their competitors to play catch-up while providing their customer base affordable solutions to advanced technological obstacles. The deep sea exploration companies, National Science Foundation, and the U.S. military are among the many customers who stand to benefit from Teledyne.