Best Boat Cleaning Products

Your boat is going to need a regular cleaning schedule to make sure it is kept in tiptop condition. What your boat is made out of is going to determine the cleaning routine and products you should use. Here is some cleaning advice for different types of boats:

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Cleaning Products for Fiberglass Boats

Fiberglass boats are known for their wonderful shine when they’re brand new which is due to a surface resin known as gelcoat. After some time the gelcoat starts to become more porous making it more susceptible to staining and it becomes harder to clean. At first, the best way to clean your boat is by using soapy water which should remove most stains.

However, some persistent stains may require different products to remove. Stains that are the result of organic material such as spilled food, drink, mildew or animal droppings can be removed with fiberglass stain remover. Rust can be removed by using special rust stain remover products and waterline stains can be removed with products designed for waterline stains.

Once you have given your boat a wash with soapy water and specialist products where needed you should degrease your boat. Soap and water alone won’t remove oil or grease, instead, you’ll need a degreasing product that can be used with a damp cloth. Use a microfiber towel to remove any excess solution and let the boat dry.

To restore the shine on your fiberglass boat you can polish it using a high gloss polish. You may need to invest in a circular electric buffer if you have a large boat. Use another microfiber cloth to wipe down the boat afterward.  Finally, you can wax your boat to give it some UV protection. The technique used will vary depending on what product you use.

Cleaning Products for Aluminium Boats

Aluminum boats need more than just a soapy wash if want it to maintain their shine for the long term. Boat owners can be convinced that their aluminum boats only need a simple wash because the surface tends to look smooth and clean. However, there could be debris on the surface of your boat that you can’t see. You should clear the boat of any dust, grease, and debris that could have built up before you wash the boat.

You should then invest in some dedicated aluminum cleaner for your boat. This will help to ensure a clean surface and help to protect your boat and give it a good shining appearance. You can then polish the boat using your preferred type of polish by hand using a soft cloth or pad. Next, you can wax the boat with a pad or an electric buffer in circular motions. This will help protect against UV rays from the sun.

One word of advice for aluminum boats, they can get very hot under the sun so it’s best to do this when it is cool our, or under shade.

Cleaning Products for Wood Boats

Wooden boats should be cleaned regularly to avoid the wood from rotting. When debris and dust get into the crevices in the wood it can attract moisture and lead to rot. Invest in some good boat cleaner and give the boat regular washes both exteriorly and interiorly. Frequently soap washes will help you maintain the boat and increase its lifespan.

You can paint or varnish your boat to add a layer of protection to the wood. Issues with moisture can be prevented if the boat is adequately varnished. You can also pick varnish that has UV protection to give the boat protection from the sun. Make sure to check the boat often for cracks in the paint of varnish as moisture can get in through this.