Yachting in America is a must-try for anyone who wants to experience the diverse coastlines of the country. From the sun-loving Gulf of Mexico to the incredible snow-filled landscapes of Alaska. America has so much to offer and charting your Yacht is a fabulous way to experience it. Below are 5 of the best yacht charters in America for you to consider.

Florida and the Florida Keys

Florida has everything you could want for your voyage. Visit Miami to experience lush beaches and a bustling nightlife and then head out to Key West. The conditions for sailing are almost always perfect with great weather and clear turquoise water. The Florida Keys is further out and is perfect for those wanting to go snorkeling or diving, be sure to check out Bahai Honda State Park. Most of the islands you’ll come across have a selection of seafront bars and restaurants for a pit stop. You’ll find a great Caribbean-like experience just off the coast of Florida.

Alaska Yacht Charters

For a totally opposite climate from the warm weathers of the Gulf, Alaska provides another incredible yacht charter experience. Alaska’s Inside Passage is a protected area known for its beautiful scenery and impressive wildlife. Whale watches swarm to the area during the summer months to see these majestic aquatic creatures up-close and personal. Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, and even Killer Whales can be spotted here. Check out the incredible fjords and glaciers that Alaska has to offer and be sure to try the hiking trails at Tongass National Forest.

San Juan Islands, Washington

For those looking for yachting opportunities on the west coast, you will find that the San Juan Islands will be the best place to go. It’s an incredible area with some breathtaking views that will take from Washington up to Vancouver, Canada. Where else can you find sunny sandy beaches and snowy mountains on one tour? You can visit the bustling cities of Seattle and Vancouver for some shopping, food, and a fun night out.

New England Yacht Charters

New England charters will take you through six different states each with its own diverse identities. It’s an incredible way to experience what the east coast has to offer. Take a trip to Cape Cod and visit the celebrity hot spot Martha’s Vineyard, or visit the hip city of Portland and the rocky coastline of Maine. You’ll cover the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Newport, Rhode Island is a must-visit destination with lots of festivals happening throughout the charting season.

Great Lakes Yacht Charters

The Great Lakes is the perfect area for those looking to experience a little of middle America. The different lakes all provide something different with Lake Superior hosting an archipelago of islands known as The Apostles. The area is great for kayaking, fishing, and has plenty of sandy beaches. Lake Michigan has a variety of small towns to visit and Lake Erie will take you down to Cleveland, Ohio, and the Frozen Lighthouse. There is so much on offer, a visit to the Great Lakes will not disappoint.

Yacht Chartering Information

Charter World is a great site to get information on specific Yacht charters and location information. The site provides detailed information in regards to specific types of yachts, booking information, and current deals.